About Your Team

Sheila - Dental Assistant

Quote about dentistry: "Dentistry is my profession, but people are my focus."

Mission: To educate patients so they understand the "why" towards their treatment. We work as a team and I care about our patients. We help them maintain extraordinary dental health for a lifetime and overcome dental fears.


St. Nessan's College Certificate of Commerce - 1982 - Baldoyle, IE

Dental Assisting Training School Certificate - 2014 - Fredericksburg, VA

Life and Hobbies: I love spending time with my husband and two children. I enjoy nature and the outdoors which includes walking, biking, swimming and gardening. Vacations are a must and I have been blessed by the different countries and cultures I have been exposed to.

Jaqueline - Dental Assistant

Quote about dentistry: "Your smile, our passion, your life."

Mission: To work alongside a great team to help create beautiful smiles.

Life and Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband going out and watching movies. We also love spending time with our dog, Rambo.

Emily - Business Assistant

Mission: To work towards something bigger than myself.

Life and Hobbies: I enjoy talking and making connections with people. Every person you meet and everything you do in life is an opportunity to learn something new. I am a dog mom, I love spending time with my nieces and family, and a cup of Starbucks will always get me in the best mood!

Miriam - Dental Hygienist

Mission: To help my patients take care of their oral health.


Northern Virginia Community College - 2001 - Annandale, VA

Life and Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and playing golf with the love of my life.