Our Payment Methods

Many individuals hold on to the belief that dental treatments are very expensive. This keeps many from seeking dental treatment. Our office in Manassas, Virginia will guide you through the various payment options available.  

Our clients can choose from a range of payment methods for our dental services. The preference of many service users is cash payment, although, some customers also pay with credit cards. Many dental procedures are also covered under dental insurance plans.

Different payment methods are available at Dental Care of Manassas in Manassas, Virginia and listed below are some brief details of the alternative methods available.





Medical insurance is an important tool for effectively managing your budget. Insurance companies cover many of your health expenses, saving you from paying out of your pocket. Dental insurance is also a type of medical coverage that provides coverage for certain dental expenses. It can be offered as a part of the overall medical indemnity or as a separate policy. To better assist patients, our office in Manassas, Virginia also processes treatment compensations through dental insurance.


Since this payment method has certain requirements, it is recommended that patients contact their dental insurance providers prior to beginning any treatment.


It is important to make sure your insurance plan is currently active Many polices enter into effect after several months of your application approval. You are also advised to confirm that the treatment you will be receiving is covered by your insurance company.


In addition to clarifying coverage with your dental insurance provider, it is also recommended that you confirm with our office that we accept your insurance provider’s coverage. Some insurance agencies are not registered with us. In some cases, your insurance may allow you to pay in cash, and then offer a reimbursement after the appointment.



Care Credit

Our office offers Care Credit, a service that allows you to pay for your dental services in installments. Care Credit allows you to get immediate treatment without paying out of pocket the same day. Care Credit is based upon approval and can potentially pay for all your dental needs. Once you are done with your installments, you can use the full balance in future dental visits. Care Credit is a great option when you are on a budget or don’t have dental insurance readily available. Ask us about Care Credit today! Applying is easy, and we are here to answer any questions you may have during the process.

Apply for CareCredit

Visit Dental Care of Manassas in Manassas, Virginia  or call us for an appointment.   We are glad to provide you with these payment selections for your convenience. Schedule an appointment with us for a clean, healthy and beautiful smile. site:practice_name in Manassas, is ready to provide the help and care your teeth.